Daily journal: 6. For BETTER or WORSE

You know…sometimes you feel its getting better but you fear from behind Murphy’s laws, or at least I do. Its like, if you have a glance at a good news or a good situation you want to keep it just for you, you want to enjoy it by yourself but not because you’re selfish, no.. because you’re afraid that it will be teared apart if you announce it, if you share it with others, if you enjoy it. These are universal laws: the more people know about your life, the harder will get, they want to involve into it and eventually will ruin it intentionally or not.

That’s why when I got a good news I tried to keep it for myself or for the ones involved. When I started talking about it.. was like the universe came and took it from me saying “Nop, rookie mistake, I told you not to enjoy it, now watch it burn.”

Life is not white or black so maybe it wasn’t because I spoke, but because I was insecure about the news, insecure about myself thinking deeply that it wont work out but never admitting it…

Maybe it all started because of my thinking and it wasnt any law there, were just my energy, my thoughts and my fears.

What do you believe about these: universe, energies, laws and fears?